Iran Calling for China`s Participation in Development of Region`s Economy. Security

Mohsen Rezaei on Sunday. at the meeting with Sung Tao noted that we commend the cooperation of the ruling party of China with the Expediency Council. Your views were very explicit and friendly. Your trip is very important in terms of the history of Iran-China relations as well as regional and international issues.

We and you are entering a new stage of strategic relations with each other. he said. pointing to the recent visit by our country`s speaker to China. The Supreme Leader gave mandate to Speaker Mr. Larijani to bring the message of promoting and expanding Iran-China relations to China`s leader. and the message of your leader was also handed over to the leader of the Revolution. And a new building of relationships was laid.

Rezaei added. The United States and Britain are constantly simmering tension in the region and most recently in the Persian Gulf. and they want to pretend to secure the Strait of Hormuz and control the commute of the ships. Of course. we do not let this happen. but we look at our friends in China to cooperate.

The official went on to say that Americans want to increase conflict and tension. We are not following the war. but we defend ourselves. Persian Gulf security is our security and we have to respond to their provocation and insecurity in order to maintain security. We demand free transport and security in the Persian Gulf.

Today. I`m very happy to meet with the directors of the Expediency Council Forum. especially Mr. Rezaie. said Sung Tao. the international affairs minister of the Chinese ruling party. I am very pleased to be in the beautiful city of Tehran. I have repeatedly felt the friendship of the people of Iran and China. and I appreciate your desire to expand relations between the two countries.

He added. We know that the Expediency Council plays an important role in policy making and governance in Iran. The International Department of the Chinese ruling party is committed to expanding its relations with various countries and political institutions in different countries. and to transfer the views and concerns of our friends to the Chinese rulers.

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