After JCPOA Iran Enriched 24 Tons of Uranium

Vice President and Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) said the most important factor in the West`s disagreement with Iran was the difference between the political and ideological views and the withdrawal of Iran from the orbit of the West.

In general. Even if Iran eliminates the nuclear issue. the West`s problem with Iran will not be resolved and will continue to be. and the cause of this issue is that Westerners have a political and ideological problem with Iran. the VP noted.

He recognized the nuclear industry and its affiliation for future generations as important. and stated that nuclear energy plays its role when fossil reserves are over.

Salehi added. The nuclear industry brings scientific. technological and industrial authority. which leads to national authority and pride.

Pointing to the share of nuclear energy in the energy basket and the significant contribution. the vice president stated. Every 1.000 megawatts of nuclear power will save 11 billion barrels of oil per year on fossil fuels and cause no emission of minerals at least Seven million tons of pollutant emissions.

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