Iran Gains Know-How to Repair Siemens Gas Turbines

The oil industry experts gained the know-how for special repairs on the vibrating rotors of Siemens gas turbines. Tavakkoli said.

He added the development makes the country needless of foreign experts amid the US sanctions and will save 350.000 euro per each turbine. 

In relevant remarks earlier this month. Tavakkoli had also said the country`s experts managed to join the few Western manufacturers of vibration monitoring and protection system for gas transmission.

The know-how for the production of vibration monitoring and protection systems as a strategic and hi-tech product was just owned by a number of limited world entities. including Metrix. Vibro-Meter. Bentley Nevada. etc. companies. Tavakkoli said.

He added that the IGTC decided to design and manufacture the equipment and the system due to the wide need in the oil and gas industries and given the frequent problems on the way of its import from the foreign states.

Tavakkoli noted that the IGTC is now using domestic potentials to manufacture the vibration monitoring and protection systems.

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