Hyundai Unveils Hybrid Car with Solar Panel Roof

Hyundai Motor Group has unveiled its first hybrid car with a solar roof charging system.

The car manufacturer has launched a version of its Sonata hybrid with solar panels. which will charge the vehicle’s battery while driving and help boost the range and fuel efficiency.

The solar roof system can charge 10% to 60% of the battery per day and with six hours of daily charging. it is expected to increase the travel distance by an extra 1.300km annually.

Hyundai intends to roll out the technology to other vehicles across the range in the coming years.

Heui Won Yang. Senior Vice President and Head of Body Tech Unit said: Solar roof technology is a good example of how Hyundai Motor is moving towards becoming a clean mobility provider. The technology allows our customers to actively tackle emissions issue.

We are striving to further expand the application of the technology beyond eco-friendly vehicle line up to vehicles with internal combustion engine.

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