Iran. Largest Producer of Gasoline in Region. among OPEC Member States

With the daily production capacity of 115 million liters of gasoline per day. Islamic Republic of Iran is the largest producer of gasoline in the region and also among Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries’ (OPEC) member states.

Deputy Minister of Oil for Refining and Distribution Affairs Alireza Sadeghabadi made the remarks on Wed. and put the daily production capacity of gasoline since the beginning of the current year (started March 21. 2019) up to the present time at 108 million liters.

According to estimates. 108 million liters of gasoline was produced in the country daily since the current year (started March 21. 2019).

The daily gasoline production volume of the country hit 110 million liters in June. he said. adding. “this volume of gasoline production volume hit 111 and 112 million liters in July and August in the current year respectively.“

He further put the current daily production capacity of oil gas in the country at 125 million liters while 120 million liters of gas oil was produced in August.

Accordingly. Islamic Republic of Iran stands at first rank among regional countries and also OPEC member states in terms of production of gas oil. he emphasized.

Considering the significance of sustainable supply of fuel. presently. surplus production of gasoline is stored in the country. deputy minister of oil added.


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