Tehran. Moscow in Talks over Power Plant in Southern Iran

Ardakanian said upon his arrival in Moscow that he is to meet with Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak to follow up the latest developments in bilateral projects and about agreements reached at the 15th joint economic cooperation commission of Iran and Russia.

Signing of an extension to the contract of Russia’s loan to Iran for construction of a 1400 megawatt thermal power plant in Sirik County. Hormozgan Province is among the priorities of the follow-ups. he added.

According to the agreement which was signed between Iran and Russia. Moscow was set to allocate one-billion-dollar loan to Tehran for construction of a power plant in Southern Iran.

Referring to joining of Iran to Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). Iranian Energy Minister mentioned that he is going to visit Secretary-General of the EAEU to discuss the latest cooperation between the two sides.

He said that Iran`s joining to the Eurasian Economic Union is an important event. adding that it is perhaps for the first time that Iran is actively engaged in a regional economic pact and would be a very effective way to develop economic and regional relations.

Iran-Russia joint economic cooperation commission has played a very effective role in activating Iran`s membership in the EAEU. as Russia is a key player in this important regional union. Ardakanian noted.

Ardakanian is accompanying Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in Moscow. He also heads the Iran-Russia joint economic commission.

More than 82.000 megawatts of electricity have been generated by Iranian power plants in the past five months since March 21 (the start of the local calendar year). which puts the country among the top 9 energy producers in the world.

Combined-cycle turbines accounted for 25.403 MW (31%). gas turbines more than 25.000 MW (30.5%) and steam turbines 15.830 MW of total electricity production in Iran.

Water turbines produced about 12.000 MW. which accounts for about 14.6% of the whole production. The atomic power plant and the distributed energy resources each produced about 1.000 megawatts of the power in Iran. i.e. 2% of the production.

The power production of the world is about 6.828 GW a year. 61% of which is produced by thermal power stations.

Last Sunday. Ardakanian said that his country has exported 2.3 billion kilowatts of electricity to the neighboring countries since the start of the local calendar year on March 21.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony of some energy projects in Savojbolaq in Albourz province. Ardakanian said on Saturday that the exports were made in the wake of proper management of electricity consumption this year. as the country suffered no power outages this summer.

Elsewhere in his remarks. he added that Energy Ministry will inaugurate 227 projects worth 330.000 billion rials including 10 big dams in 9 provinces during the Government Week.

`We have increased power generation as much as 1.800 megawatts each year since the victory of the Islamic Revolution 1997.` he said.

Ardakanian further noted that over the past six years. valuable potable water projects have been commissioned in rural areas. as 10.200 villages joined water supply system.

Iran is currently supplying Iraq. Afghanistan and Pakistan with electricity. CEO of Tavanir Motavallizadeh said on January 04. adding that the country is poised to double the volume of its power export to neighboring countries.

Back in early February. Ardakanian said that the power generation of the country has increased by 11.4 times since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

Ardakanian said that Iran has moved up 24 ranks in terms of generation of electricity in the past forty years.

According to statistics. Iran’s rank of power generation in the world promoted from 38 to 14 and presently. the Ministry of Energy is exchanging electricity with its neighbors.

He made the remarks on February 02 in a press briefing held at the venue of the Ministry of Energy where evaluated the performance of his ministry in the past forty years and added.

“With coordination made in this regard. a contract will be inked between Iran and Iraq for exporting electricity from the Islamic Republic of Iran to this neighboring country in a three-year plan.“ added the Iranian official.

This level of cooperation will include the construction of a power plant. modernization of power plants and reduction of power grid losses in Iraq as well. he maintained.

He drew a comparison between performance of the Ministry of Energy before and after the Islamic Revolution and said. “The power capacity installed hit from 7.000 megawatts electricity in early years of the Islamic Revolution to 80.000 megawatts. showing a considerable 11.4 fold hike.

Currently. suitable power generation capacity has been paved for the private sector companies working in the field of power industry. he said and emphasized that the number of power generation companies in the country hit from 65 in early years of the Islamic Revolution to 875. showing a significant increase.

Ardakanian reiterated that giant steps have presently been taken in the sector of electricity generation in the country which is incomparable to the early years of the Islamic Revolution.

Iran is currently supplying Iraq. Afghanistan and Pakistan with electricity. CEO of Tavanir Company Mohammad Hassan Motavallizadeh said on January 04. adding that the country is poised to double the volume of its power export to neighboring countries.

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