Iran Ready to Take a Step Toward 5G Technology

Speaking to Mehr correspondent on Sunday. deputy Technology (ICT)`&gt.ICT minister Hossein Fallah-Joshaghani said a working group. comprising domestic mobile operators and relevant officials. has been set up at the regulatory organization to study several issues regarding the necessary steps the country needs to take in order to obtain the 5G technology.

The first issue to consider is a suitable spectrum for the 5G network that can cover Gigabit internet speeds…and in three months. we will have drawn up a roadmap for obtaining the 5G technology. he said.

The global predictions show that 5G will roll out in 2020 and hit the mainstreams by 2022. Therefore. our working group is focused on drawing up a business plan which is set to be finalized with cooperation from mobile operators in the country. he added.

In three months. we will have provided the condition for experts in the field to learn all there is about the 5G technology…and by 2020. we will have begun executing our action plan. he said.

We will have no limitations in providing the required bandwidth for 5G. the deputy Technology (ICT)`&gt.ICT minister reassured.

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