Iran Manufactures 3.000 Ton Load Cell

The produced load cell is to be used in steel industries. the CEO of the knowledge-based company Mohsen Farvardin said.

US sanctions put an embargo on purchase of load cells for Iran. therefore. Iranian experts started to design a homegrown load cell by improving the available foreign samples. he said.

The foreign samples of the manufactured product cost above 10 billion rials ($89.000) but the domestically products one is 4 billion ($35.700). he added.

A load cell is a type of transducer. specifically a force transducer. They convert a force such as tension. compression. pressure. or torque into an electrical signal that can be measured and standardized. As the force applied to the load cell increases. the electrical signal changes proportionally. The most common types of load cell used are hydraulic. pneumatic. and strain gauge.

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