Envoy to IAEA Condemns US Maximum Deceit against Iran

Iran`s ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency condemned the US’ so-called policy of “maximum pressure“ against Tehran. saying the `maximum deceit` has been nothing but a failure.

“The US representative [in IAEA] has now turned to the illogical and silly approach of maximum deceit after the failure of so-called maximum pressure.“ Kazem Gharibabadi addressed IAEA General Conference in Vienna on Monday. reacting to the US` earlier anti-Iran remarks.

Earlier. the US accused Iran of attacking major Saudi oil facilities on Saturday.

Gharibabadi. who served as the vice president of the 63rd annual regular session of the General Conference. noted that the US` claims come while Washington itself has been an accomplice to Saudi Arabia in the bloodshed in Yemen.

The Iranian envoy also criticized Saudi Arabia for trying to cover up its internal failures through war and stoking tensions. and dismissed claims that Tehran was behind attacks on Saudi oil facilities.

“The Saudi regime and its allies have clearly shown that they will do whatever they can. including bombing children. wedding ceremonies. … in Yemen to achieve their illegitimate goals.“ he added.

The Iranian official also criticized the Saudi covert efforts to set up a nuclear plant. saying its efforts to cut off waterway along with Qatar border will be used to dump nuclear waste.

He warned Riyadh that “the world can’t afford any deviation from a peaceful nuclear program or letting nuclear weapons to fall into the hands of terrorists`.

Gharibabadi called on the IAEA members to demand several countries refrain from supplying nuclear electricity technology to Saudi Arab unless the country joins the Safeguards Agreement and allows for full access of the IAEA to its facilities.

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