Plastic Six-Packs Now Fully-Recyclable in UK

Plastic six-pack ring carriers are now fully-recyclable in the UK.

Beverage packaging producer Hi-Cone and recycling firm TerraCycle have launched a new initiative to help consumers across the UK reduce the amount of waste they send to landfill.

Customers of products with plastic ring packaging can now download a freepost label from the RingRecycleMe website allowing them to post the rubbish straight to TerraCycle. which will convert the plastic ring carriers into new park benches. outdoor furniture and composite lumber.

The partnership means consumers can also set up public drop-off locations to make it as easy as possible for their community to recycle – many councils are themselves unable to recycle all kinds of plastic waste through kerbside collection programmes so the programme aims to fill in these gaps.

Kenneth Escoe. President of Hi-Cone. said: This is a crucial step on our journey to recover and reuse as many plastic ring carriers as possible worldwide and is the first of many planned phases to help communicate to consumers that these carriers can be recycled to great effect.

The message is simple: the infrastructure is in place. now let’s work together to use it effectively.

Walkers Crisps have already implemented a successful programme of this kind in partnership with TerraCycle.

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