Gasoline Production in Euro-5 Kicks Off in Lavan Oil Refinery

For the first time. gasoline with octane grade 91 has been produced in this refinery. he added.

With the implementation of the new project. standard of the gasoline produced in the Lavan Oil Refinery has promoted to euro-5. he said. adding. implementation of this plan has promoted and improved quality of increasing profitability. increasing the octane of gasoline and reducing environmental pollutants.

He pointed to the gasoline production with octane grade 91 in this oil refinery and added. moving in line with the policies of the Establishment based on the guidelines of Leader of the Islamic Revolution is the most important objective and policy of Lavan Oil Refining Company in line with producing clean products. diversifying products’ portfolio. reducing crude selling of oil. preserving environment. optimizing energy consumption. improving economic performance. taking advantage of maximum capacities. promoting technical knowhow and knowledge. promoting capabilities of domestic companies in the field of economic and industrial growth. moving towards self-sufficiency with the aim of attaining sustainable development.

The plan for improving the process and optimizing production capacity in Lavan Oil Refinery includes projects for construction of distillation unit. hydrogen purification unit. light naphtha isomerization unit. Sulfur Recycling unit. etc.. he added.

The first phase of this plan. which includes increasing production capacity of refinery from 30.000 to 50.000 barrels per day (quantitative increase of the plan) was put into operation in 2011 concurrent with the National Day of Persian Gulf. he said. adding. currently. the refinery produces 55.000 barrels of oil per day (bpd) according to the world standards.

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