Iran. UK Can Broaden Cooperation in Trade Field

There are many capacities for promoting trade ties between Iran and the UK despite the US sanctions which is hindering mutual cooperation. Baeedinejad said. addressing a business meeting between Iran and Britain tiled Iran-UK Business Relations: Opportunities and Prospects attended by representatives of the British Ministry of International Trade. chambers of commerce of the two countries and British and Iranian trade companies.

He noted that participation of the Iranian and British companies in this event indicates there are still many capacities for developing economic cooperation.

Though we were focusing on such oil giants like ‘Royal Dutch Shell’ and the British Petroleum (BP). the reality is that small and medium-sized enterprises can be more profitable in generating export-oriented income and also startups. Baeedinejad added.

He reiterated that these companies are more flexible and have more abilities to face and manage risks and are able to participate in economic interactions.

In relevant remarks in late May. Iranian Ambassador to the UK Hamid Baeidinejad blasted BBC Persian service for fake news about the closure of the Iran-UK Joint Chamber of Commerce. reassuring that the entity is still alive and active.

All staff members of the Iran-UK Joint Chamber of Commerce led by Lord Norman Lamont are doing their job offering services online. Baeidinejad said in a tweet.

The diplomats post on his Twitter page came after the Persian service of British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). a notorious anti-Iran media. released a piece of news that the joint chamber was closed.

Iran-UK Chamber of Commerce is an administrative complex for delivery of consultative services to its members namely British companies which are willing to maintain trade ties with Iran. Hamid Baeidinejad said.

He added that the body is in close relationship with its counterpart in Iran to facilitate commercial ties between the two countries.

Iran-UK chamber had rented an office in London for years and had two or three staffers.

Last year. due to the end of the contract. the chamber had to rent a new office. but an increase in the amount of rent imposed a heavy budget on the body. he noted.

He reiterated that the officials of the Chamber decided to change the body into a digital service one to decrease expenses.

The developments just aimed at taking advantage of modern technology and not reducing chambers` activities or its closure. he noted.

The board of directors. as well as the chairman of the chamber. Lord Lamont. all remain in their positions. and the chamber will continue its usual activities without any changes. he added.

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