New York State Warms Up with $4m of HVAC Funding

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has announced the availability of up to $4 million (£3.1m) to help develop innovative heating. ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions.

Buildings are currently responsible for 30% of carbon emissions from fuel combustion – when factoring in the electricity needed to provide buildings with energy. this figure rises to 45%.

To tackle this energy use. NYSERDA aims to help develop. commercialise and demonstrate new heating and cooling systems – the funding will focus on creating new classes of heat pumps that will operate efficiently in cold climates. finding new innovative solutions for efficient thermal distribution. identifying advanced products from outside the US and developing ‘Energy Pods’ able to integrate the HVAC and hot water needs of a dwelling unit into a compact form.

Alicia Barton. President and CEO of NYSERDA. said: To meet Governor Cuomo’s nation-leading clean energy targets. we must think outside the box by incorporating new. innovative technologies into our building stock to drive down energy demand and reduce harmful emissions.

The Next Generation Innovation Challenges will provide companies with support to develop New York’s next generation of HVAC technologies to help us increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to address some of our most pressing environmental and energy issues.

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