Offshore Windfarms can Power World

Erecting wind turbines at the world’s best offshore sites would provide enough energy to power the world. according to a new study by the International Energy Agency (IEA).

The IEA claims in its annual report that 36.000 terrawatt hours of renewable electricity could be produced annually if the sites were developed.

The sites identified were no more than 60km from a coastline and no deeper than 60m deep. making them feasible sites to be developed.

“Offshore wind currently provides just 0.3% of global power generation. but its potential is vast.“ said IEA executive director Fatih Birol.

He added: “Offshore wind provides a huge new business portfolio for major engineering firms and established oil and gas companies which have a strong offshore production experience.

“Our analysis shows that 40% of the work in offshore wind construction and maintenance has synergies with oil and gas practises.“

The IEA concludes that the offshore wind sector will grow 15 fold over the next 20 years and will become a £780bn industry.

According to the report. the industry’s growth will be powered by lowering costs and new technologies as well as a growing appetite for cleaner forms of energy production.

The report predicts that the European Union’s offshore wind capacity will grow from almost 20GW today to nearly 130GW by 2040 and could reach 180GW with stronger climate commitments.


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