Iranian VP Vows to Outsmart US Sanctions to Boost Foreign Trade

Iranian Vice-President for Economic Affairs Mohammad Nahavandian said that his country is working on new strategies and smarter policies in areas of foreign trade and business to further undermine the repercussions of Washington’s unilateral sanctions against Tehran.

In the current situation that the country is facing economic war. it is logical to equip trade and business process with smart systems. Nahavandian said on Saturday.

According to the reports of the Taskforce against Smuggling Goods and Foreign Exchange. efforts taken in line with making trade and business processes smart have been effective. he added

So far. giant steps have been taken in this field. Nahavandian said. adding. At the condition that policy of the country is in line with establishing serious relationship with its neighbors. the moves taken over the past years have led to import most products into the country through exports currency.

Elsewhere in his remarks. Nahavandian pointed to the necessity of cooperation and interaction of responsible organizations with each other. adding. It is tried to enhance cooperation and collaboration of organizations in order to overcome economic problems.

Necessary measures have been taken for the provision of basic commodities in the country and there is no worry about it. he said.

Foreign exchange resources in the country should be used optimally. the vice president added.

Last Thursday. Nahavandian announced that the country intends to increase its trade interactions with the neighboring countries by establishing a special economic zone.

The government has proposed Parliament to set up Baneh-Marivan Free Trade Zone. Nahavandian said during his visit to Kordestan province. Western Iran.

The Iranian vice-president. meantime. said that strengthening border capacities is one of the pivots of development in Kordestan province.

Nahavandian termed Iraq as one of Iran’s new trade partners. and said that exchanging trade and economic activity with the neighboring countries is prioritized by the government. so that trade infrastructures of borders should be increased.

Iraq is the biggest importer of Iranian electricity for more than a decade. The Arab neighbor needs at least 23.000 megawatts of electricity to meet domestic demand. Decades of war. civil strife and terror attacks have destroyed its power infrastructure. Iraq has a power deficit of 7.000 MW.

In Summer. the temperature rises to near 50 degrees Celsius in the country. making its demand for gas and electricity increase exponentially.

Iran is a major energy generator in the region supplying its neighbors with oil. gas and electricity.

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