Iranian ICT Min. in Baku to Improve Ties of Iranian Start-Ups

Iran`s Minister of Communication &amp. Information Technology arrived in Republic of Azerbaijan on Tuesday to take part in the 25th Bakutel International Exhibition. where he seeks to expand regional and international ties of Iranian start-ups.

Mohammad Javad Azari-Jahromi has made the trip at the official invitation of his Azeri counterpart. leading a delegation of representative from Iranian start-ups.

The Iranian minister said that he will hold bilateral meetings with his counterpart aimed to promote cooperation.

Some 14 Iranian companies active in communications and information technology are participating in Bakutel – 2019 Caspian Innovation Conference.

Ministry of Transport. Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan initiated a regional platform. Caspian Innovation Conference. to discuss the sectoral challenges and effective partnership opportunities between the stakeholders of innovation and high-tech sector.

The conference is an annual feature event of the Bakutel International Telecommunications. Innovations and High Technologies Exhibition. and year by year will cover different topics such as broadband connectivity. the Internet of Things. Artificial Intelligence. Technology (ICT)`&gt.ICT based startups and innovative SMEs. 4th Industrial Revolution and knowledge-based manufacturing. and cybersecurity readiness.

The 25th Bakutel International Exhibition is underway in the presence of 238 companies from 23 countries from December 3-6.

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