Low-Pressure Gas Collection Project Launched in Doroud III

A project was launched to transfer to Khark Petrochemical Company low-pressure gases collected in Doroud III.

According to the Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC). the project is estimated to generate 700.000 dollars in revenues for the country.

Abbas Rajabkhani. head of the Khark Operational District of Offshore Oil Company (IOOC)`&gt.IOOC. said: `The project to transfer gas from Forouzan fields is also on the agenda. and with its operation. about 50 million cubic feet of sweet gas from Forouzan Platform will be transferred with a value of $6m per month.

Fortunately. under tough economic conditions and outrageous sanctions. low-pressure gas collection in Doroud III. and its transfer to the petrochemical plant with the aim of producing. developing and advancing the industry. generating revenues under the sanctions and more importantly. protecting the environmental has been carried out successfully.

Doroud Oil field. one of Iran’s biggest. is located in Khark Island. northwest of the Persian Gulf in southern Iran. The pressure of the gas injected into Doroud Factory (up to 400 bar) is unparalleled in Iran.

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