Iran. Turkey Hold Session on Joint ICT Cooperation

Iran-Turkey’s first specialized committee on joint cooperation in the field of information and communications technology was held on Tuesday in Tehran.

The session was inaugurated today at the Center for International Cooperation and Strategic Studies of the Iranian Technology (ICT)`&gt.ICT Ministry and attended by Iranian deputy minister for technology and innovation. Sattar Hashemi. and Turkish deputy minister of transport and infrastructure Ömer Fatih Sayan.

The specialized committee of Iran-Turkey’s joint Technology (ICT)`&gt.ICT cooperation is taking place from Tuesday to Wednesday in the format of three expert-level working groups on regulatory and frequency cooperation. e-government. e-commerce. and cybersecurity cooperation. and infrastructure and communications cooperation.

The session is a follow-up to Iran-Turkey joint agreements aimed at strengthening and expanding the two countries` cooperation in the field of Technology (ICT)`&gt.ICT.

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