Indian Traders Discuss Economic Opportunities in Iran

Indian entrepreneurs and businessmen. in a meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. discussed different business opportunities in Iran in a move to widen state and private sector exchanges between the two nations.

In a meeting with Indian entrepreneurs and businessmen in Maharashtra. Zarif gave a speech and answered questions about bilateral trade cooperation with Iran.

The meeting was also attended by Subhash Desai the Indian Minister of Industries of Maharashtra State Government.

Maharashtra. a state spanning west-central India. is best known for its fast-paced capital. Mumbai.

Zarif is in India to for participating in ‘Raisina Dialogue 2020’.

Zarif has also met and held talks with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. who said that his country has many interests in maintaining peace and stability in the Middle East region.

The Iranian FM also met the Minister of External Affairs of the Government of India Subrahmanyam Jaishankar. where the two sides reviewed the latest developments of bilateral relations especially in the economic field and regional conditions.

In an interview with Indian media. Zarif stated. India can play a decisive role in reducing tensions in the Persian Gulf.

In its reaction to the recent tensions between Iran and US. India announced. New Delhi wants speedy reduction of tensions in the Middle East region and India has established direct relations with important countries in the region including Iran. United Arab Emirates (UAE). Oman and Qatar. because. India enjoys great interests in the Middle East region.

India is determined to expedite the development of Chabahar port in Iran’s Southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchistan. in a bid to further increase its trade with Afghanistan and Central Asia.

Last month. Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar announced after meeting Iranian officials in Tehran that Tehran and New Delhi have agreed to speed up the development of Chabahar port.

Under US pressure. India has stopped buying oil from Iran. one of its top suppliers. and moved gingerly on its long-cherished dream of extending New Delhi’s reach to Afghanistan. Central Asia and beyond via Chabahar.

India’s dithering is incrementally frustrating because Chabahar is exempted from the sanctions that the United States began re-imposing last year after withdrawing from a landmark nuclear agreement with Iran.

The rare exemption provided by the US is due to the pivotal role which the port is about to play in bringing landlocked Afghanistan out of isolation. Afghans hope it could boost their war-torn country’s trade and lay the foundations for tapping into billions of dollars worth of mineral reserves.

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