Cheaper Batteries. More Chargers for Electric Car Buyers in 2020

In the report. EVs and New Mobility: Trends to Watch in 2020. BNEF analysts estimate that global car companies will sell about 2.5 million electric passenger vehicles this year. 20% more than in 2019. 

While China will continue to dominate the global electric car market. the country’s decision to reduce subsidies will help shift growth momentum to Europe. New models from companies such as Volkswagen AG will help Europe sell 800.000 electric cars by the end of the year. up 60% from 2019. according to BNEF.

The long-term future is really bright. but in the short term we`re expecting growth to be relatively slow. said Colin McKerracher. an analyst at Bloomberg NEF. “You’re still in the middle of this transition. from a market driven by direct subsidies toward one driven by a combination of real consumer demand and other big policy mechanisms.

Crucial to the rollout are the continuing cost cuts for lithium-ion batteries. Prices will hit about $135 per kilowatt hour on average this year. about 13% lower than in 2019 and 89% lower than a decade ago. Further cost cuts will come as the scale of battery production increases and the design of battery packs becomes more efficient.

Public connectors to charge electric cars will hit 1.2 million. up from 880.000 in 2019. as governments and energy companies work to expand the critical infrastructure. As more and more cars hook up to the grid. it will become increasingly important for utilities and governments to understand how to manage the associated swings in energy demand.

This year could also sbring crucial steps for the electrification of planes and boats. While passenger cars have been relatively easy to run on batteries. air and marine travel is trickier. As pressure builds on airlines to reduce emissions. 2020 could see major investments in battery and hybrid technologies that could help electric planes take off.

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