China Expected to Consume more Natural Gas in 2020

China`s natural gas consumption will continue to increase in 2020 amid the country`s efforts to tackle air pollution. said PetroChina. China`s largest oil and gas producer.

Consumption of natural gas is estimated to expand 8.6 percent to 330 billion cubic meters in 2020. the company`s research report showed.

Natural gas production will go up 8.2 percent to 187.5 billion cubic meters in 2020. while imports are expected to climb 9.3 percent to 150 billion cubic meters.

China has been promoting efficient. large-scale use of natural gas in sectors including industrial fuel. gas-fired power and transportation.

According to a three-year action plan on air pollution control released in 2018. China will boost the share of natural gas in its total primary energy consumption to 10 percent by 2020.


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