Iranian Researchers Produce Hybrid Nano Fuel

The nano fuel team of the MERC has produced a new product named hybrid nano fuel. the faculty member of MERC Seyed Amir Hossein Zamzamyan told FNA on Sunday.

He added that fluid hybrid nano fuels are a new class of nanotechnology-based fuels with applications in power plants. refineries and other industries to decrease fuel consumption and air pollution.

Zamzamyan said that the product will be industrialized after being tested in several Iranian power plants.

Iranian scientists could stand atop the Middle-Eastern states in the development and advancement of nanoscience and nanotechnology. a reputable international magazine reported. adding that the country ranked 16th in the world.

Scimago Institutions Rankings. a science evaluation source to assess worldwide universities and research-focused institutions. released the data of the Middle-Eastern countries` ranking in 2017.

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