1st Iran-Made Turbine Launched for Gas Transmission

The Director of Research and Technology at the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) announced commissioning of the first national turbine in the Iranian gas transmission network.

Mohsen Mazloum Farsibaf. speaking on the sidelines of the 16th Kish International Energy Exhibition. said that the main approach of the NIGC at the 16th Kish Energy Show is to cooperate with knowledge-based companies and start-ups. which. based on their expertise and experiences. have launched the first national 25-megawatt turbine in the gas transmission network of the country.

He said the approach of the National Iranian Gas Company in this exhibition is to develop the necessary partnerships with knowledge-based companies and start-ups to complete the technological development cycle.

Referring to the favorable reception of domestic and foreign companies of the showcase. he stated: This reception comes amid tough sanctions on the country. However. we are still working to implement the technology assessment system at the National Iranian Gas Company as soon as possible in order to develop a positive approach to research [in the gas industry].

The official further said that manufacturing of the turbine was endorsed by NIGC and was made possible by local potentialities and technical savvy.

He said the turbine was being tested in the gas transmission network. adding the item’s mass-production would begin by 2020.

The 16th Kish Energy Show kicked off on Monday. January 20. in Kish Island and will continue until.

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