Worldwide LNG Imports. Exports. Supply Jump in 2019

Worldwide liquefied natural gas supply in 2019 totaled 373.0 million tons (Mmt) — up 11.8% from 2018. or 39.5 Mmt. according to data provided by analytics firm IHS Markit. Kallanish Energy reports.

The largest increases in LNG exports came from the U.S. (37.7 Mmt total. up 15.2 MMt. or 40.3%). Russia (30.2 Mmt total. up 10.1 Mmt. or 33.4%) and Australia (80.2 total. up 7.7 Mmt. or 9.6%). (Supply figures are LNG production and loaded volumes. These are higher than delivered or import volumes because of LNG used or lost in transit.)

Net LNG imports reached 358.8 Mmt in 2019. up 40.5 Mmt. or 12.7%. from 2018. Regionally. LNG imports grew the most into Europe. totaling 87.2 Mmt. up 37.3 Mmt. or 74.7%. from 49.9 Mmt in 2018.

For individual countries. the UK registered the largest growth (13.3 Mmt total. up 8.1 Mmt. or 155.8%). followed by France (16.3 Mmt total. up 7.8 Mmt. or 91.8%). and China (62.4 Mmt total. up 7.4 Mmt. or 13.5%).

Japan remained the largest LNG importer. receiving 77.5 Mmt in 2019. However. this was a decline from 83.2 Mmt in 2018. making Japan the market with the largest decrease in LNG imports in 2019.

China remained the second largest importer for all of 2019. South Korea remained the third largest importer last year. with 41.0 Mmt. However. it also had the second largest decline relative to 2018 (down 3.5 Mmt).

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