Iran Boosts Parsi Oilfield Output

Well #44 of Parsi Oilfield was commissioned and operated using gas lift technique which has increased the field`s oil output by 1.000 b d.

According to the National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC). Haidar Elyassinia. technical director of Aghajari Oil and Gas Production Company. said Parsi Field is one of the major fields operated by his company which stretches some 36 km in lengths and 7 km in width. . 2 km long and 2 km long. Kilometers wide. the rock material of this reservoir is mainly carbonate fissured and hence its production is strongly dependent on the natural reservoir fissure system.

He said the reservoir faced high pressure due to the lack of robust drilling mechanisms and therefore adopted a gas lift technique in order to boost the field’s output by 1.000 b d.

He said the advantages of this method are its cost-effectiveness compared to other methods of artificial processing such as using downhole and wellhead pumps which required compressors and gas injection.

Gas lift or bubble pumps use the artificial lift technique of raising a fluid such as water or oil by introducing bubbles of compressed air. water vapor or other vaporous bubbles into the outlet tube. This has the effect of reducing the hydrostatic pressure in the outlet tube vs. the hydrostatic pressure at the inlet side of the tube.

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