Iran Breaks Monopoly of Know-How to Launch Satellites

Iran broke the monopoly of nine states over know-how to launch satellites. spokesman for Ministry of Defense Aerospace Organization Ahmad Hosseini said on Tuesday.

Ahmad Hosseini made the remarks in an interview about launching Zafar satellite.

Military missiles and satellite rockets have two very different use in terms of system design and system integration. Ballistic missiles are used in hostility and should be capable of operating quickly and with high mobility. but satellites are for civilian application and carried in separate stages.

The official added that nine countries. plus the Zionist regime. have the capability of launching satellite rockets. Russia. the US. China. the European Union. Japan and India have launching pads. after which we have had launch pads.

Deputy Minister of Communication and Information Technology said on January 22 that Zafar Research Satellite has been developed by specialists and elites of the University of Science and Technology and has been delivered to the Space Organization for putting into orbit.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 9th National Exhibition of Smart City in Mashad on Tuesday night. Sattar Hashemi told reporters that the time for launching the research satellite will be announced later.

Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mohammad Javad Azari-Jahromi said in a message on Sunday that Zafar 1 and 2 Satellites have successfully been tested and will be put into the orbit soon.

In his Twitter message. Azari-Jahromi described the satellite and its launcher as important research steps.

The ceremony for delivering the Zafar satellite was held at Technology (IUST)`&gt.Iran University of Science and Technology on Sunday.

The satellite has been designed for imaging. sending and saving messages and creating a link between the two users.

Preparing map of lands. basic map. civil development map. agricultural fields map. map on changes in lands natural environment and jungles. monitoring developments in seasonal and perpetual lakes. identifying damaged areas after the crisis and upgrading structural maps are among missions of the satellite.

Zafar also carries S&amp.F consignment which provides features such as broadcasting a single message to all users. one-way voice communication between two users. sending a message to 256 direct users.


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