Iran`s Ex-Min. Requires FATF to Impose Sanctions on US President

Iran`s former finance minister Mohammad Javad Iravani has sent a letter to the President of FATF Xiangmin Liu. calling for the international body to put sanctions on the US President and to block all his assets and banking accounts.

The assassination of the IRGC Commander Lt. Gen. Qasem Soleimani (a great hero in fight against terrorism in west Asia). who was in Iraq by invitation of the country`s PM. has taken place under the direct order of the US President Donald Trump. therefore. the move is a vivid sample of terrorism and against all international regulations and standards. the former Iranian minister wrote.

Accordingly. FATF is urged to act upon the increase in the systematic risk of US financial transactions and to put sanctions on the US President and block all his assets and banking accounts besides the accounts of his companies as well blocking the accounts of the chiefs of Pentagon and CENTCOM. he added.

Imposing the said embargoes on the named individuals and announcing the sanctions to all the FATF member countries can prove the international body`s impartiality. he concluded.

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