Iran never Shuts Door of Negotiation

Head of Presidential Office Mahmoud Vaezi said that Iran never shuts door of negotiation. adding that Iran needs to work with different countries.

Speaking in a meeting with Gorgan businessmen and economic activists. Vaezi said that in the modern day. no country can solve its problems by itself.

He wished a clear future for Iran. saying that Iran will leave behind the current problems created by enemies.

Since we cannot trust Trump we should first become confident about lifting sanctions and they we can negotiate in the context of P5+1.

Despite resisting to the US animosity and economic pressures. `we did not shut the door for negotiations and are ready to solve issues through negotiations in an equal and fair condition.`

Referring to Iran correct choice which is moving toward self-sufficiency and the growth of industrial products. Vaezi said that the situation in the current year is better than last year.

He pointed to stability in currency and goods market.

He added that the economic war has not effected only the government. the public sector is also suffering from impacts of the US economic terrorism. so that the way to get out of the difficulties would be available thanks to cooperation. consultation and unity between people and government.

The United States had set 12 preconditions for negotiations at. but now it calls for a negotiation without any preconditions. Vaezi said.

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