NIOC to Sell 6 mb of Crude Oil. Gas Condensate at IRENEX

The National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) has planned to sell 6 million barrels of heavy and light crude oil and gas condensate at the international floor of the Exchange (IRENEX)`&gt.Iran Energy Exchange (IRENEX).

Amir Hossein Tebyanian. a representative of NIOC at Exchange (IRENEX)`&gt.IRENEX. said: Tomorrow (Monday. February 17) 2 million barrels of condensate. on Tuesday (February 18) 2 million barrels of light crude oil and on Wednesday (February 19). 2 million barrels of heavy crude oil will be supplied to the international floor of Exchange (IRENEX)`&gt.IRENEX.

According to him. the price of condensate would be 9 dollars less than Dubai FOB. light crude would be priced $7 less than Brent FOB. and heavy crude would be $8.5 lower than Brent FOB.

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