NISOC Announces Technological Needs

The director of production at the National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC) announced the technological needs of his company.

Addressing a conference on oil industry and tech startups. Said Kuti said on Sunday that smart pigging technologies. parallel processing and cloud computing. data mining and data analysis and smarting. dew point measurement of sour gases with high humidity level and online smart reporting system (creation of online measurement systems) were among the technologies needed by the company.

He also said sampling technology under pressure. piston and resistant to sulfur. industrial super-sour wastewater treatment. manufacturing gas-lift valves and their special location. collection and safe use of sour and acidic gases. integrated well and tank management software. and interconnected perforation simulation software are other technologies needed by NISOC.

The NISOC official said: `We started with manufacturing parts. and today we have acquired the savvy to build them. and I am proud to say that domestic turbines are currently active in southern oilfields.`

NISOC accounted for nearly 80% of Iran’s crude oil output and 16% of its natural gas production. Moreover. it operates 80% of Iran’s hydrocarbon reserves.

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