Wave Energy Developer Bags £1m Funding

Marine services company Malin Renewables has secured a £1 million contract to supply a 50-tonne wave energy converter named Archimedes Waveswing.

Malin Renewables. which has been appointed by AWS Ocean Energy. will build the submerged marine energy structure – the device resembles a giant buoy that converts the motion of waves into electricity.

The development of the device. which is funded by Wave Energy Scotland. will allow the technology to be tested further and will give the engineering teams additional data for creating the equipment in different sizes.

Ben Sharples. Director of Malin Marine. said: This particular project enables the team to utilise their expertise in hydraulics. electrical power. air systems. pressure vessels and mooring. delivering an integral piece of equipment for the wave energy sector.

Activity will commence immediately to create the first partial-scale converter. which will work to verify the design concept.

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