Iran Resumes Exports of Goods from Chazabeh Border to Iraq

Iran resumed exports of non-oil goods to Iraq from Chazabeh border. Khuzestan province.

According to an official from Chazabeh Terminal. the exports are underway as usual and based on regular schedules.

As Ali Farhoodi said. no passengers are being transported between Iran and Iraq. presently.

Official data shows that exports of Iran to Iraq through Chazabeh border stood at $400 million in the ten months ending to January 22. 2020.

As reported. transit of goods via Chazabeh. Shalamcheh. Parvizkhan and Bashmaq is done regularly.

Iraq’s Health Ministry has dismissed rumors over closing the borders with Iran due to the outbreak of coronavirus in Iran.

Iraq’s Health Ministry spokesman. Seif al-Badr. in a statement on Thursday. said that no order has been issued to the border authorities to close the gateways with Iran due to the new virus outbreak.

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