Russia Eyeing to Help Iran Build Power Plants

Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak underlined that Moscow is eager to finalize contracts with Iran and also help the country build several more power plants.
Russia is willing to have a big share in construction of power plants on the condition that such contracts will be in big scale. Novak said.
He reiterated that Iran plans large-scale construction of power plants and Russia may receive a significant share in building contracts of such power plants.
Novak said that Iran plans to build huge power generation facilities are due to the fact that the country forecasts the high rate of economic growth of eight percent per year.
I think we will have a sizable share. We have already launched the first project today. Russian companies will be ready to work if scopes are large. Nevertheless. I think Iran will not focus on a single contractor. They will diversify. they will hold tenders. the Russian energy minister added.
He reiterated that the Russian companies Inter RAO and Power Machines may be awarded contracts for upgrade of two power plants in Iran.
The second issue discussed was participation of two our companies. Inter RAO and Power Machines. in power projects. Inter RAO is currently holding talks on upgrade of two power plants. the energy minister said.
He said that one is a hydropower plant and the other is a thermal power plant.
The question is in the funding source. Iranian partners are looking for financing sources and suggest using the same scheme as for Sirik thermal power plant but the issue has not yet been worked out. Novak added.
Russia initiated construction of Sirik thermal power plant (TPP) in Southern Iran.
The contract for construction of four power units of Sirik TPP with 350 MW capacity of each was signed in July 2016.
Construction financing will be implemented within the framework of 1.2 billion euros export credit extended by Russia to Iran for five years.

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