Giant Oil. Steel Projects to Open in South of Iran

Two mega projects namely Persian Gulf Setareh Refinery and Saba Foulad (Steel) are scheduled to be inaugurated by President Hassan Rouhani today.
The first phase of the Persian Gulf Setareh Refinery will become operational with a capacity of 120.000 barrels of gas condensates a day.
At this stage. the refinery will produce 12 million liters of Euro IV petrol. 4.5 million liters of Euro IV gas oil. one million liters of Euro IV kerosene and 1.3 million liters of LPG a day.
Once fully operational. the refinery will produce 36 million liters of petrol with the same quality as that of IV and V. bringing the total production of petrol production in the country to 100 million liters a day. Thus. in addition to cutting imports to the country. it will help Iran join exporters of the product.
A big steel project is also to be opened by President Rouhani in Bandar Abbas today. After the inauguration of the Persian Gulf Saba Foulad Factory (Saba Steel). the steel production capacity of the country will increase to 20 million tons. the Managing Director of Saba Steel Morteza Yazd Khasti said.
President Rouhani has traveled to Bandar Abbas on the occasion of Persian Gulf National Day (April 30).

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