S.Korea to Build Two Wind Power Plants in Iran

South Korean Yusong Company is due to start construction of two wind power plants in Mil-e Nader region of Sistan- Baluchestan province.


Director General of Department for absorbing and supporting investment in Sistan-Baluchestan province Mandana Zanganeh said that license and authorization have been issued and the South Korean company executives are involved in stage of carrying out the project.

Zanganeh said that three regions have been specified in the province as new energies zones for wind and solar renewable energies which are Garagheh. Mil-e Nader and Ramshar.

The official added that 11.000 hectares land has been prepared for such energies. so the domestic and foreign investors will be welcomed.

Given the needs of Afghanistan and Pakistan to electricity. Zanganeh said that Sistan-Baluchestan province enjoying the capacities to produce renewable energies may supply electricity to the two neighboring states.



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