Non-Oil Exports through Kermanshah Reached $1.4bln in 9 Months

Iran has exported non-oil goods valued $1.4 billion through Kermanshah customs and border markets in the Western parts of the country over the past nine months. Customs Office said.
The exported non-oil goods weighed 4.36 million tons. the Iranian Customs Office reported.
It said that the exported products comprised of fresh and frozen tomato. household plastic equipment. cement. livestock. urea fertilizer. melamine dishes and tomato paste which were mostly exported to Iraq.
In a relevant development earlier this week. the Customs Office said that the value of Iran`s non-oil exports exceeded $30 billion in the first three quarters of the current Iranian year (March 20-December 20. 2016). Customs office said.
Iran exported a sum of $31.593 billion over past nine months. the Iranian Customs Office reported.
It said that Iran`s non-oil exports showed over 9 percent rise as compared with the last year`s corresponding period.
Gas condensates worth of $5.124 billion dollars were major exports of Iran. accounting for 16.22 percent of total non-oil exports. the customs office added.
UAE. Iraq. Turkey and South Korea followed China are major importers of Iran`s goods while China. UAE. South Korea and Turkey are major exporters to Iran.
In March. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani underscored that economic growth. including increased non-oil exports and creation of new jobs. will be high on the agenda of his government.
President Rouhani set sustainable prosperity. growing non-oil exports and generating new job opportunities as three goals of his administration in the new Iranian year.
He said his government will focus on these three goals. specially creation of jobs for the younger generation.
He said encouraged by public support he is determined to take new steps to enhance the country’s non-oil exports and create new employment opportunities.

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