Middle East has Set to Become a Hydrogen Hub

The biggest oil-exporting region in the world, the Middle East, has set its sights on becoming a major clean energy exporter of green hydrogen. The largest oil producers in the Arab Gulf have jumped on the hydrogen bandwagon — especially its so-called green variety produced from water electrolysis using electricity …

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The EU Carbon Tax could Create a New Era of Trade Wars

Europe’s carbon border levy to increase the cost of CO2-intensive goods entering the EU could push the Global South towards less restrictive trade deals, ultimately causing more harm to the environment, writes Muhammed Magassy. Muhammed Magassy is a Member of Parliament for ECOWAS (The Economic Community of West African States), …

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World must End Coal to Save Planet

The world needs to ditch coal in order to tackle climate change and save the planet, former UK business secretary Alok Sharma, who is now president for this year’s global climate summit COP26, said on Friday. In a speech in Glasgow, the city that will host the 26th United Nations …

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