Knowledge and Technology

Iran Produces Oil-Based Ozone Generator

An Iranian knowledge-based company produced an oil-based ozone generator to prevent the country from importing this device. Chief executive officer of the Iranian knowledge-based company, Shadi Azizi Ha said Iran produced a type of oil-based ozone generator that has much higher efficiency. Referring to the importance and usage of this …

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Qatar to Turn Gas Into Fish Food

A Qatari company hopes to use the country’s abundant gas reserves to make protein for fish food and other animal feeds. Gulf Biotech, the Doha-based industrial biotech investor, and Unibio have signed a license agreement to produce sustainable and organic protein in Qatar. “The abundance of natural gas in Qatar …

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Scientists Find Method to Cut Production Facilities’ Heating Costs Five-Fold

Scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) jointly with colleagues from the Industrial University of Tyumen (IUT) have proposed a system that will reduce energy costs for heating industrial plants at least five-fold. The study’s findings were published in the academic journal Thermal Science and Engineering Progress. Technological development or the …

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