Germany Continues Viewing Nord Stream 2 as Economic Project

Germany continues viewing the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline as an economic project and Berlin does not support unilateral economic sanctions of the United States against it, German Government’s spokesperson Ulrike Demmer said at the briefing on Monday.
“The government’s position on the Nord Stream 2 has not changed,” Demmer said. “This is an economic project having a political aspect,” she noted. It is important for Berlin that Ukraine will keep the gas transit country’s function after completion of the project, she added.
Germany “has always made clear that it denies” unilateral exterritorial sanctions, the spokesperson added.
The US authorities already held talks with German and European companies involved in construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, the German Die Welt paper wrote on Saturday with reference to sources. Representatives from the Department of State, the Department of the Treasury and the Department of Energy, participated from the US side.
Berlin “is aware of such contacts,” Demmer said. “The federal government also maintains contacts on this topic,” she added.
The Nord Stream 2 project contemplates construction of two gas pipeline strings with the total capacity of 55 bln cubic meters per year from Russia to Germany across the Baltic Sea. The gas pipeline is 93% complete to date. The construction was suspended at the end of 2019 when the Swiss pipe-laying company Allseas stopped work due to US sanctions.

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