Industry Ministry to Establish Export Development Working Groups in Provinces

Iranian Industry, Mining, and Trade Ministry has it on the agenda to establish working groups for developing non-oil export in various provinces across the country, Head of Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) announced.
According to Hamid Zadboum, due to the significant role of the country’s provinces in developing export goals and to benefit from the potentials and capacities of the provinces in increasing non-oil exports, the industry ministry has decided to establish the mentioned working groups in the country’s provinces and hold meetings weekly.
The official noted that given the country’s current situation and considering the restrictions created by the U.S., non-oil exports play an important role in strengthening the production sector, maintaining employment, and meeting the needs for foreign currencies.
Therefore, developing non-oil exports has been focused on seriously as one of the major axes of the industry ministry’s programs for the current calendar year, Zadboum said.
He further pointed to improving the country’s non-oil trade balance, increasing the durability of exported goods, increasing the diversity of exported goods and markets, increasing the complexity of exported goods (in terms of value-added and technological content), and increasing the capabilities of the private sector as some of the major programs envisioned in the roadmap for promoting non-oil exports.
According to the official, the “Export Development Working Group” was formed under the responsibility of Industry Ministry and the Secretariat of the Trade Development Organization, and all organizations and institutions related to the field of non-oil exports, including Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA), Transport and Urban Development Ministry, Export Development Bank of Iran, National Standards Organization, Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA), Chamber of Cooperative, and Agriculture Ministry are attendees of this working group.

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