Iran Exported More Electricity to Neighbors This Year

Spokesman of Iranian Ministry of Energy Mostafa Rajabi Mashhadi said that the country exported more electricity to neighboring countries this year as compared to last year.

According to the country’s 6th Five-Year Socioeconomic and Cultural Development Plan, the ministry must reduce the losses of the country’s electricity network to less than 10 percent, he added.

Presently, the ministry has managed to decrease the rate of electricity network’s losses to less than 10 percent, he said, adding, accordingly, the trend of nationwide electricity network’s losses last year was on a completely downward trajectory and this will continue this year [started March 21, 2020].

Turning to the current situation of the country amid the coronavirus pandemic, he stated, the Ministry of Energy has taken measures to prevent power officials from referring to subscribers’ residences for registering power meters consumed.

He pointed to the export of electricity by the Islamic Republic of Iran to neighboring countries and added, based on the commitments made in this regard, Iran’s export of electricity will continue on a regular basis this year.

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