Iran has Sufficient Technical Capacities to Help Afghanistan Using Border Water Sources

Iran has treaties with neighbor countries in terms of using border water sources that should be respected, said Iranian Minister of Energy.
“Iran’s water right in Helmand River is part of these international treaties and Afghanistan is committed to it and hopefully any water (dam)structure in Helmand River should be based on the framework of legal rights,” said Reza Ardakanian, Trend reports citing ISNA.
“Afghanistan is aware of the issue that respecting the water right law is a condition. Iran has sufficient technical capacities to help Afghanistan for the implementation of its plans and prevent any violation of our water rights,” he noted.
The construction of a dam on the Helmand River in Afghanistan has turned into a depute with Iran over water rights while water shortage and environmental challenges including droughts, a decline of rainfall have affected agricultural production in both countries.
“There is ongoing work to finalize Iran – Afghanistan comprehensive strategic cooperation document during the current visit of Afghanistan delegation in Iran that would eventually be signed by officials of the two countries,” he added.
He went on to say that Khaf – Herat railway is expected to be inaugurated next month and improve the bilateral economic actives. Furthermore in upper stream plans in Iran’s joint catchments areas with Turkey should also be implemented based on treaties and follows international regulation.

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