Iran Needs €5bn Investment in Power Plant Industry Annually

Vice Chairman of Board of Directors of Iran Electricity Industry Syndicate [IEIS] Payam Bagheri said that the Islamic Republic of Iran requires €5 billion worth of investment in its power plant’s industry per annum.

He made the remarks on Sun. and added, accordingly, 5,000 megawatt electricity should be added to the electricity generation capacity of the country and this huge volume of electricity needs €5 billion investment.

Under the 6th Five-Year Socioeconomic and Cultural Development Plan and up to the end of 2021, Islamic Republic of Iran should enjoy the capacity of generating 100,000 megawatt electricity by the end of 2021, he said, adding, the country needs between €4 to €5 billion worth of investment for the construction of 5,000 megawatt electricity generation capacity which is a considerable amount of fund.

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