Iran Ready to Increase Oil Production Rapidly

President Hassan Rouhani stressed Iran’s readiness to increase its oil production capacity to normal export volumes, stressing that pre-JCPOA sanctions had led to restrictions in oil production and sale.
Addressing the economic coordination committee meeting on Sunday, Rouhani said after the implementation of Iran’s nuclear deal and lifting of sanctions, Iran’s oil sales reached over 2 million barrels.
He underscored Iran’s readiness to rapidly boost the volume.
Iranian Petroleum Ministry will take necessary measures to prepare oil resources and equipment, he added.
The US economic war created various roadblocks for exporting oil and petrochemicals, but Trump’s dreams to zero Iran oil sales never came true, the President noted.
He went on to note that the Iranian government will take advantage of all capacities and solutions for promoting social and economic tolerance of vulnerable groups.
He said the budget bill for the next Iranian fiscal year has been written with a realistic view, based on the needs of the society.
Rouhani went on to say that the budget bill will convey clear messages on the economic situation of the country.

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