Iran’s Daily Gas Output Exceeds 2m cm

Iranian gas output registered a 2.2% growth in the first quarter of the current Iranian year (started on March 20) so that the country’s gas output exceeded 2m cubic meters a day, according to a senior official with National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC).
Masoud Zardouyan, the NIGC director of coordination and supervision on production, said that the company aims to boost gas production and overhaul of the country’s refineries at the same time.
He said that the overhaul of the refineries are being carried out in a way not to disturb feeding industries and petrochemical units at all.
NIGC has plans to overhaul all the 18 active refineries of the country within the first seven months of the year, he said.
He added that a new refinery will join to the country’s gas refineries bringing them to the total number of 19 next year.

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