Iran’s Power Export to Afghanistan Disconnected

Afghan officials say electricity imported to the country from Iran has been cut due to an explosion in an electricity tower.
Afghanistan Electricity Company announced the explosion of an electricity tower in Herat province.
Zeinab Mohseni, public relations manager of Breshna Company in Herat, said that this morning, the electricity tower exploded in Kohsan city of the province.
According to her, with the destruction of this tower, Iran’s imported electricity to Herat has been cut off.
This morning, Breshna also announced that an imported electricity tower had exploded in Parwan province, leading to power outages in Kabul and several other provinces.
According to Breshna, local sources in Salang County, Parwan Province, reported that an imported power tower had been blown up and destroyed by unknown individuals in the Ahangaran area of South Salang.
Breshna officials have confirmed that electricity has been cut off in the capital and many other provinces.
So far, no individuals claimed the responsibility for this incident.

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