Iran’s Trade with Neighbors Crosses $29bn in 7 Months

According to the latest data released by the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration, Iran’s trade with neighbors crossed $29 billion during the 7 months.
Iran traded 45.28 million tons of goods worth $29.09 billion, excluding crude oil exports, with its 15 neighboring countries during the current Iranian year’s first seven months (March 21-Oct. 22).
The tonnage of trade saw a 25.75% year-on-year decline, but its value experienced a 2.72% rise, Financial Tribune reported.
The UAE was the main trade partner of Iran during the period with 13.23 million tons worth $12.91 billion. It was followed by Turkey with 6.35 million tons worth $6.29 billion and Iraq with 11.62 million tons worth $4.14 billion.
Exports reached 33.28 million tons worth $14.24 billion during the period to mark a decline of 32.02% and 3.59% in tonnage and value respectively.

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