Iraq Ranks Second Among OPEC Top Producers in February

Iraq ranked second in the list of OPEC countries that rose their oil production in February, OPEC report said today, Saturday.
The organization stated in its monthly report, “the production of the 13 member states of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries” OPEC “decreased last February, reaching an average of 24.848 million barrels per day, a decrease of 647 thousand barrels per day from the levels of January 2021, which reached 25.496 million barrels per day.”
According to the OPEC report, nine countries variably increased their production during the past month, most notably Nigeria, which increased its output by 161 thousand barrels per day to 1.488 million barrels per day, followed by Iraq by 59 thousand barrels per day, bringing production to 3.898 million barrels per day.
The report added, “Iran has also increased its production by about 35 thousand barrels per day, while Venezuela and Libya increased their production by 33 thousand barrels per day, then Kuwait by eight thousand barrels per day, Algeria and Gabon by about seven thousand per day each and the Congo by about three thousand barrels per day.”
On the other hand, four countries reduced their production, led by Saudi Arabia by 930 thousand barrels per day, then Angola by 50 thousand barrels per day, Equatorial Guinea by 13 thousand barrels, and the UAE by one thousand barrels per day.

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