Iraq Seeks more Gas Supplies from Iran

Ahmed al-Ebadi, a spokesman for Iraqi Ministry of Energy, said on Tuesday that his country is looking forward to receiving more gas from Iran.
Al-Ebadi told Iraq’s NAS News that Iraq’s debt to Iran is ready to be delivered to Iran.
Iran claims that Iraq’s debt to the country for the exports of oil and gas amounts to some $5 billion.
Iraq has very hot summers when the people have to tolerate electricity shortages and outages in peak hours.
The Iraqi Energy Ministry spokesman said that Iraq’s gas imports from Iran used to stand at 50 mcm/d while the figure has declined to some 22 mcm/d now due to Iraq’s failure to pay its debts to Iran which was caused by US sanctions on Tehran.
He expressed hope that Iran would rise gas imports to Iraq to previous levels so that the country will have no problem for the summer.

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