Massive Blaze in Pertamina Balongan Refinery Finally Extinguished

Fires raging Pertamina’s Balongan Oil Refinery have been successfully extinguished at 14:35 local time today, March 31. Agus Suprijanto, the state-owned oil firm’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications and Relations, confirmed in a written statement.
Agus said that it was due to the offensive firefighting method applied intensively by the firm’s emergency team. “Alhamdulillah, thanks to teamwork and support from various parties,” he said.
Agus explained that the team succeeded in putting out the massive blaze at the T-301H oil tank at 01:30 local time, followed by the T-301E oil tank at 06:44 local time, and the T-301G oil tank at 08:30 local time.
To ensure the success of the fire fighting in all affected tanks, the firm continued to cool down the site and conduct monitoring until all areas are declared safe. After that, Pertamina will prepare to start up the operation of the oil refinery.
“Thank you for the prayers and support from all parties and the people regarding the fire incident in the T-301 tank. Hopefully, the Balongan oil refinery can operate again after a thorough inspection is carried out,” said Agus.
The loud explosion and huge fire broke out in the Balongan oil refinery in the early hours of Monday, March 29, 2021, at 00:45 local time. Five villages in Indramayu affected by the incident include Balongan Village, Sukareja Village, Rawadalem Village, Sukaurip Village, and Tegalurung Village.

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